Day 2: Eat, Sleep, Babies

Was it ever hard to get to sleep last night. By the time Meg’s C-Section was done, and she was through recovery, and we spent some initial time together with the boys, it was now past midnight before we got to our room Thursday night.

And it was almost impossible to sleep with visions of our newborns dancing in our heads.

Which made Day 2 (Friday, July 2) a very tired day.

Throughout the day, we made 5 trips upstairs one floor to visit the twins in the Special Care Nursery. Meg was valiant working to feed the little guys.

Big news on Day 2 was that Grandpa Tom (Lundberg) arrived from Aitkin, with Auntie Kim and Uncle Dan (on their 5th wedding anniversary), to join Grandma Peg and Auntie Katy who were here with us last night for the delivery. And Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jane (Mathis) flew in from South Carolina.

The day basically went like this: wake up, visit babies, rest a tad, visit babies, lunch, visit babies, welcome family, visit babies, dinner, visit babies, get ready for bed.

We have a feeling that this won’t be the last day we eat and sleep babies.

Carson greeting Grandma Jane

Coleman reminding Grandpa Rick that Clemson owns the 4th quarter

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5 Responses to Day 2: Eat, Sleep, Babies

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh wow. They are beautiful!
    Any idea when the 4 mathises will return home?
    I cannot WAIT to meet them face to face 🙂 …rest well! Praying that things continue to go smoothly!

    • mathises says:

      We’re not sure yet about discharge timing. Meg will likely be released first, maybe Sunday or Monday, leaving us to travel the ever-so-far 4 blocks back to the hospital to see the boys. We don’t know yet how long they’ll want to keep the boys in the Special Care Nursery. One of the biggest factors is their ability to eat well on their own. Pray for that. You’ll see the feeding tubes in the pictures (Coleman on his right cheek, Carson on his left)—that’s to help these preemies get the nutrients they need and “fatten” up some.

  2. John and Michele Biediger says:

    Glad Coleman has the 4th quarter thing down pat, but where’s the Tiger paw?
    Love, Aunt Michele

    • mathises says:

      I’m super-eager to get the boys in Clemson outfits, but they’re hard to come by in Minnesota. Any of our SC relatives wanna send us some orange love? We’ll promise to feature the babies in their Tiger apparel here at the blog…

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