Day 2 in Photos

Okay, now for more pictures from July 2, 2010…

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8 Responses to Day 2 in Photos

  1. Auntie Deb says:

    Thanks for adding more pics! I’m so glad both grandparents have met Carson and Coleman! The guys are incredible. I love them so much! Love you!

  2. Ashley says:

    Does one or do both of the boys have a little strawberry blond hair??

    • mathises says:

      Yes! At this point, Coleman’s looking a little strawberry blond, and Carson’s looks more golden blond. Grandpa Rick is a red head, and I think he’s hoping for the strawberry will stay—or even turn to red! More to come on the hair; we’ll post some better hair shots soon…

  3. John and Michele Biediger says:

    You all look great! Kisses to the new grandparents, too!
    Love, Aunt Michele

  4. I Love the blonde hair! So are yall able to tell them apart by hair color or what?

    • mathises says:

      So far, the main way we tell them apart is in the face. Carson’s face is a little rounder, and we think he favors the Lundberg side just a tad (Megan’s dad in particular). Coleman has a little bit narrower face, at least for now, and seems to resemble Daddy and Grandpa Rick a little bit more. Also for now, Carson’s feeding tube is in his left nostril and Coleman’s is in his right—but this won’t help us for long! Also, the fact that Carson has a white striped sheet and Coleman has a blue sports sheet will, no doubt, be changing soon. As far as hair, Carson’s looks more white blond for now, while Coleman’s may have some shades of strawberry.

  5. Molly says:

    They look so amazing! You guys are doing great. Just take it really easy and rest as much as you can right now. I’m praying for you every day, as often as you come to mind (which is kind of a lot right now). 🙂

  6. rachelbbaxter says:

    They are so cute!! Congratulations x2!!! Glad you guys made Anna an official aunt but she is still unofficially an aunt to our kids!! You guys are lucky she is awesome! Love the names too!

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