Day 3 Recap

It’s daunting to realize we’re already tired, and the twins aren’t even in our full-time care yet.

The boys remain in the Special Care Unit on the floor above ours. We’re hoping Meg will be discharged on Monday, but the twins will most likely be here several days longer than that. Not sure yet how long. Of course, they started their bilirubin tanning-booth treatment earlier today.

The big story for Day 3 was the ups and downs of Megan’s recovery.

We started well. She got to have her IV removed this morning. But by afternoon, she was fighting some strong nausea. So she went back on the IV, and we had a few good signs this evening. We’re praying that she’ll turn the corner tomorrow on the 4th.

The boys still appear to be doing well for 35-week preemies. Carson’s having no problems filling his diaper—even twice today while dad was changing them!—but we’re still waiting on that first sample from Coleman.

This morning Auntie Kim and Uncle Dan drove back to Aitkin, and Grandpa Tom followed not too long afterward. Grandma Jane got one more really good season holding the boys before she and Grandpa Rick flew back to South Carolina in the afternoon. Grandma Peg remains here with us, and we’re so thankful for her steady and seemingly tireless help.

People keep asking about pictures, pictures, pictures. So without any further ado…

Carson catching a nap between naps

Coleman enjoying the hospital's sports bed sheet

Compare Carson's blond hair...

...with Coleman's



Carson, is that a passifier or a cell phone?

Grandpa Tom and Grandma Peg with Coleman

Finally Daddy's turn

Carson and Bill Reuben

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One Response to Day 3 Recap

  1. Amie Anderson says:

    What beautiful babies!

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