The First 4th

It was our first 4th of July as a family of 4, but there were no cookouts or games or fireworks. Just the now normal rhythm of feeding the twins. And it was good.

We turned a few important corners in the last 24 hours. First, Meg’s milk is in—an answer to prayer with two hungry boys to feed. Second was Coleman’s first full diaper—and it was really full. Before today, his diapers had only been yellow. But he made up for lost time today, and even laid some fresh meconium in Meg’s hand. (Fathers-to-be, meconium is something worth looking into before you’re caught off guard!)

The boys came off the bilirubin lights today, and this afternoon we started mixing in some bottle feeding. We’re getting closer to being done with the feeding tubes.

The nurses continue to say how well the boys are doing for 35-week preemies. It’s still looking like Megan will be discharged tomorrow, and hopefully the boys late this week.

Thanks for all your prayers. Jesus has been so amazingly kind to us.





Carson holding Mommy's hand


Carson's blond hair

The boys' IVs stretched just far enough for this family photo



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10 Responses to The First 4th

  1. Auntie Anna says:

    Love the pic of the four of you. The boys have won over this auntie’s heart. Thanks for the updates and pics.

  2. Auntie Deb says:

    Praising God for his kindness! Great news that they are doing well. I love Carson and Coleman so much!

  3. Molly says:

    I just showed Orison these latest pictures. He asked, “Are they at home now?” Soon, buddy…soon.

    They boys look so wonderful!

  4. megan is such a great mommy! praying for you 4!

  5. Kim says:

    Great Pictures!! Thanks again for sharing this journey with all of us. It makes it easier for us that are not close to feel a connection! Hannah proudly showed off some pictures at church yesterday. Her “twins” had to go with as well.

  6. Julie Morrow says:

    Matthew and Luke just caught up with all the pics and loved them of their new 2nd cousins! Keep the pics coming . We love you all!

  7. Jane Mathis says:

    What a great family picture! Praying that all goes well today for Megan and the boys.
    I’ve heard a report that there are blue balloons all around Grandpa Rick’s office.
    Grandma Jane

  8. Debby says:

    I LOVE your blog…the pictures and updates are great! Carson & Coleman are *adorable*. All of you are so cute together in the family pic 🙂

    We are praying for them and for you all. We love you guys.

  9. jenna says:

    I love these little ones! I keep coming back to look at their sweet faces. Thanks for posting so many!! I hope Megan’s able to get some better sleep tonight at home.

  10. Lisa Reagan says:

    Woohooo. Congrats Mathises. We can’t wait to get home from SC to visit you and the boys. They are so cute. Hope all the nursing and sleeping is going smoothly 🙂

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