Bittersweet Monday

It may be easier to sleep tonight—physically. Megan was discharged this afternoon, and for the first time since last Wednesday night we get to sleep in our own bed.

But it will likely be tougher to sleep emotionally. The boys are still in the Special Care Nursery, and even though we’re only 4 blocks away, the twins are no longer “just upstairs.” It’s sad to spend the night away from them.

While it’s nice to be home in so many ways, it’s hard to be here without the second half of our new family of 4.

So Day 5 was good and hard. We are so thankful that Meg showed such improvement over the weekend and that she was well enough to come home today. Please pray for her that she’ll continue to recover and rest well even as we now begin the journey of going back and forth from home to the hospital several times per day.

The boys continue to improve as well. They’re feeding better and better, and they may get to have their IVs removed tomorrow. We’re hoping that they’ll be released by the end of the week, but we’re trying not to set ourselves up for disappointment if it takes longer than that.

Our time with Carson and Coleman has been really sweet in the last 24 hours as they keep growing and stabilizing and feeding less and less from the tube, and more and more from us.

Here are a few photos we captured on Bittersweet Monday…


Carson with Mom


Carson after feeding


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5 Responses to Bittersweet Monday

  1. jenna says:

    hang in there! we love you guys and know this isn’t easy. life always seems to offer so much to rejoice in and so much to be sad about. i’m rejoicing in the amazing miracle of these boys. and my heart is sad that your sons’ first night away wasn’t at grandma’s…when they were four! hope you can feel God’s goodness and mercy through the bitter and the sweet.

  2. jenna says:

    oh, and how does meg look so good?!

  3. praying for you guys!! and i second jenna…Megan is one hot mama!

  4. JoAnne Cody says:

    Congrats! What precious and BEAUTIFUL babies :)…..and Megan too!!!
    Take good care. Love to you all.

  5. Andie says:

    Just to add to the other comments about Megan… You seriously look gorgeous in that pic! Love you!

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