Tuesday Evening

Carson and Coleman are still progressing. Coleman’s IV is out, and he had his first bath today. Carson will shed his IV tomorrow, God willing, and get his first bath.

That may make it sound like Carson is lagging behind, but actually he’s feeding better at this point and may be the first ready for release. The nurses are still saying early next week as possible for discharge.

Please keep praying with and for us!

Daddy taking Coleman's temp under the arm




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10 Responses to Tuesday Evening

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Another day down and one more day closer to taking those adorable boys home. Can’t look at all these pictures enough. Praying for a good nights rest for you both and for great progress tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses!

  2. lclowe says:

    The boys are getting cuter each and every day! Thanks for keeping us all informed and keep the pictures coming!
    Great Aunt Lynn

  3. Mommy Meg says:

    Up and getting ready to go visit our cute little boys! Thank you for all your comments everybody.

  4. Auntie Kim says:

    Good Morning! Hope you all have a great day! Hopefully Carson gets his IV out and gets to enjoy his first bath. Talk to you soon!

  5. kristina jameson says:

    Thank you sooo much for sending out the link to this site via email! the photographs of Carson and Coleman are sooo adorable- i cannot imagine what it must feel like to hold them and see them in the flesh! How precious!…still praying and thinking about you each day! that cell phone pic is HILARIOUS! love the meconium update! their hair pattern is gorgeous…so glad everyone is doing better each day. We are looking forward to bringing food to the family in a couple weeks…the girls are loving the photos of the boys!!!!

  6. Mary Handt says:

    CONGRATULATIONS!! What beautiful twin boys you have! We are enjoying looking at your boys. “Cousin Hannah” is so proud here at Daycare and she loves showing them off to all of her friends:) Thanks for sharing, this is a cool web site! Congrats again and God Bless!

    Mary’s Daycare

  7. Grandma Jane says:

    So thankful to hear the boys’ progress in just 5 days! Wish I could see their expressions while experiencing their first baths. You guys are amazing!

  8. Luanne says:

    Those boys are getting more handsome every day! All the best as you get ready to bring them home – Luv LULU

  9. Bette says:

    Thank you for sharing all the wonderful pictures and updates on your family. I love coming to the computer and checking your blog. The boys are adorable and I am thrilled that they are doing so well. We have really flooded God with prayers for the twins and Megan(and David,too!) We pray that God will continue to bless you and shower you with His sweet love! I’m looking forward to the day when I can meet them and hold them!

  10. Auntie Deb says:

    How sweet that Hannah’s daycare has been checking up on the boys! We are searching online like crazy trying to find an affordable flight so that we can come soon to meet our nephews. Praying they will be healthy enough to come home very soon! They are going to LOVE their nursery!!!

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