Crazy Thursday

It was a crazy Thursday on the one-week anniversary of the twins’ birth.

We found out this morning that Carson had a brief apnea spell last night—meaning that he stopped breathing. In the Special Care Nursery, his pulse and breathing are constantly monitored, and so when he stopped, the alarm went off and the nurse was able to get him breathing again with moderate stimulation. The nurses say that this can happen with preemies as their brains aren’t as fully mature as a full-term baby.

This was the first spell of apnea for either twin in almost a week. And it happened with both boys showing recent improvements and getting closer and closer to being discharged.

Daddy and Mommy are very thankful to God that this happened while Carson was still in the Special Care Nursery and the nurse was able to immediately attend to him.

This episode means that when Carson is sent home—and it could still be as soon as this weekend, or early next week—he will come with a take-home monitor that will track his breathing and heart rate when he’s sleeping and whenever we’re not attending directly to him. He could be on the home monitor a month or longer.

So this afternoon Mommy and Daddy and Grandma Peg went to Children’s Hospital (across the street from Abbott) for training for both the operation of the take-home monitor and infant CPR.

It was quite the day. In addition to the apnea report and the training, the boys were circumcised (on the 8th day!), Carson got his first bath (Coleman had his a few days ago), and Carson had the two best feeding sessions yet this afternoon and evening.

So we’re sobered, and yet encouraged and thankful. We’re profoundly grateful to God for his kindness toward us and Carson so far, and we feel all the more in need of trusting the God who is sovereign over all things and who knows what’s best for us more than we do.

Please pray for Carson, and for Coleman, in this important preemie days. We reminded ourselves today that their 38-week due date was July 22, and the original 40-week due date for Megan’s pregnancy was August 5!

And there were some good pictures on the one-week anniversary…



Carson's blond




Auntie Katy with Carson

Coleman gets a little post-circ pain-killer

Grandma Peg holding both

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9 Responses to Crazy Thursday

  1. Karen Balmer says:

    What a gift to follow your journey through these pictures and posts … we are lifting you up in our prayers, David and Megan, and are so excited to meet you little guys!!

  2. therigneys says:

    David, Thanks so much for blogging through all of this. I am so thankful that little Carson is okay. We will definitely continue to pray for the little guys and for you and Meg. We know how emotionally difficult the first few weeks can be.

    The Lord’s new mercies will be waiting for you guys every morning when you wake up.

    We love y’all.

  3. Debby says:

    Thanking God with you for His mercy, David & Megan. I’ll be praying for both boys to mature well & breathe well…and for your peace after such a rattling day.

  4. Becky says:

    Praying for you guys and SO thankful that Carson is ok! The pictures of you guys with the twins is just too precious for words. Thanks for being faithful in updating us! And we will continue to pray.

  5. Uncle Kim says:

    Hope your Friday is a lot less stressful! Feed….rest….feed….rest….feed….rest!!!

  6. Bryan says:

    Praying for little Carson. May he breathe deeply and well, in Jesus’ name.

  7. Liz says:

    I shall continue to pray for these two adorable little boys! I am eager to hold them and chat with their mommy and daddy!! Love you guys!

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