TGIF Day 9

TGIF! Not because we now get the weekend off—there are no weekends right now for us. But because it was a very good Viernes. Gracias  a Dios.

Daddy and Mommy rushed the twins through their bottled milk this morning to get the boys ready for their big car seat test. The transport nurse came, and we traveled with the boys through the tunnel under 26th Ave to Children’s Hospital.

(It’s was the boys’ first time at ground level, and below, since the birth; they were born on floor 6, and since then have lived on the 7th floor.)

The boys passed their car seat test with flying colors—while Mommy and Daddy checked out the new, and very good, Jazzman’s coffee shop at Children’s.

This afternoon we found out that Carson likely will be discharged on Sunday, barring any unforeseen hiccups. It looks like it will be longer for Coleman, who’s not feeding as adeptly as his brother. We’ve not yet heard an estimate on Coleman’s release. But he is showing improvement, just slowly.

This evening the Parnell’s kindly brought us Cane’s chicken, so we were able to avoid McDonald’s today—hurray! Then tonight, the twins had their best collective feeding session yet.

We’re very thankful to God for such a good Friday.

The twins got to lay side by side for their transport to Children's

Coleman on the left, Carson right

Coleman in his car seat

Carson in his


Twin transport

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4 Responses to TGIF Day 9

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    I am so glad that they passes their carseat test this morning. Love you all!!

  2. Auntie Kim says:

    I am so glad that they passed their carseat test this morning. Love you all!!

  3. Grandma Peg says:

    Oh my… looks like my little angels survived the day with out me. I was still thinking about them all day. Glad they passed thier test. Can’t wait to go cruisin with them. Hugs to all of you. Grandma Peg

  4. aww, Coleman has his eyes open!

    It was our delight to bring you guys Canes. And from the sounds of it seems like the boys like Canes too! Looking forward to taking the kids on double dates there… 🙂

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