Coleman Is Home!

We are all the more grateful after yesterday’s blood-in-the-stool scare to have Coleman home with us tonight. And with it, our crazy back-and-forth life between home and hospital comes to a well appreciated close.

We were up and at it early again this morning, arriving at Abbott, with Carson tagging along, for Coleman’s  7 a.m. feeding. We were hoping that if Cole continued to feed super well today, he might be able to come home with us. But we thought it was an outside chance.

We received word that he fed especially well overnight, and the trend continued through the morning. By early afternoon, the nurse practitioner informed us that yes, indeed, we would be able to take Coleman home by late afternoon. We were thrilled, to say the least.

The word came just in time to scamper over to Children’s Hospital for Carson’s first pediatric visit. He’s now gained 5 ounces on his birth weight and is up to 5 pounds, 6 ounces. (Coleman is up to just a shade below 5 pounds, from his birth weight of 4 pounds, 10 ounces.)

After Carson’a appointment, we were right back to Abbott (just across the street) for Coleman’s discharge. The nurses were so great, and it was an overall outstanding experience in the Special Care Nursery at Abbott. It was a very long 13 days, and the staff there made it as pleasant as it could have been given the circumstances.

Carson was a champ today. We toted him around from before 7 a.m. to almost 4 p.m. when we arrived home with his brother. We don’t know how he was able to hold up so well, save God’s special help, on only his third day outside the Nursery.

Tonight was memorable. Our good friends Michael and Emily Thiel brought us dinner, and then some other good friends stopped in during the All-Star game to meet the boys.

It is a tremendous relief and joy to have both boys home with us now. The whole fam is here under our little roof for the first time. We’re sure there are tons of bumps in the road ahead, but at least at this point, going back and forth from hospital to home several times per day is no longer a necessity.

Carson in the car seat where he spent most of the day

Coleman just before discharge—with no feeding tube necessary!

Coleman's foot as Mommy puts on his going-home outfit

Last shot together at the hospital (Carson on left, Coleman right)

Back at the ranch, the bros play nice in the pack-n-play

Michael and Emily Thiel with boys, Mom holding their daughter Lily

Daddy watching the All-Star game with his little stars

The happy fam with the All-Star game in the back—is that Twins catcher Joe Mauer on the screen?

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7 Responses to Coleman Is Home!

  1. Ashley says:

    What a joy & privilege to get to see all of you tonight!
    Praying for your first night home with the whole family!

  2. Auntie Kim says:

    Good Morning, I am sure you aren’t all feeling too bright eyed this morning, but how wonderful to be able to stay in your PJ’s, curl up on the couch, and sleep until the next feeding! REST TODAY!! You all need and deserve it after the last 13 days. Those baseball outfits are too cute!!

  3. Auntie Deb says:

    Hooray!!! Now we can book a flight! So excited! So glad they are both home!

  4. tjarksfamily says:

    That’s wonderful! Such good news. Hope you all transition to life together at home well.

  5. Krista, Jordyn, and Grace says:

    The boys are adorable. Can’t wait to meet them next month at the reunion.

  6. Becky says:

    Megan, you look wonderful! And seeing the whole family together is going to make me smile all day 🙂 So happy for you guys and I can’t wait to meet them!

  7. Aunt Mare says:

    Hey Mathis Family!
    I am so excited that everyone is home now. I bet the boys are happy to be back together, soon they will be writing sibs email. I cant wait to come up. It looks like I will be coming up beginning of August if thats okay. Please call me sometime when things aren’t crazy and you have a little bit of time to talk. I can’t wait to see the boys. I am praying for y’all. I love reading the blog and getting updates. Tell the boys I love them and they are going to have some fun with Aunt Mare aka AM.
    love y’all!

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