Transition Day

It is so nice to be home.

After 13 days of hospital stuff, it’s just plain sweet to be around the house, and not go anywhere. We’re happy to just to stay here and try to get adjusted to life with twins and an intense feeding rotation at least every three hours.

Today was our last day with Grandma Peg—for now. Grandpa Tom and Auntie Kim came down from Aitkin, had dinner with us, and took Grandma Peg back with them tonight.

She’s headed home, for now, because we have reinforcements on the way for the next 10 days.

On Friday morning, Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jane leave home in South Carolina to fly here and replace their Summer vacation with diaper duty. Okay, not just diaper duty. That’s such a small part of this. This will be a vacation unlike any other—and maybe their best, even as tiring as it may be.

It’s so amazing to hold these little guys in our arms and get to know their differences and peculiarities. They are astoundingly beautiful creations. How wonderful must the God be who made babies like this—and two at time!

Thank you, God, for Carson and Coleman.

Coleman in the new bouncer seat just assembled

Cole: Now where did I put that passifier?

Carson's first bath at home

Coleman recovers after his bath

Coleman experiments with alternative pacifier uses


Naps in the crib (Carson got the green blanket, Coleman the blue)

Chillin' with the Lunbergs on the often busy Mathis front porch

The twins with Grandpa Tom and Grandma Peg

Bibs and burp towels arrived today from our friends in Virginia, the Bradners


Carson, very deeply in thought, of course

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9 Responses to Transition Day

  1. Neighbor on call, Ashley :) says:

    I concur – they are beautiful creations! I’m glad the Lundbergs have been around & I hope the Mathises make it in with no trouble to enjoy these tiny little wonderful boys 🙂

  2. Grandma Peg says:

    wow, 2 weeks have gone by already. Funny, how I was awake for the 1am and 4am feedings last night. hope things went well. Was my little Coleman looking for his night time feeder ? It is a beautiful morning on Cedar Lake and I hope my little guys get to visit here soon. To the Grandma Jane and Grandpa Rick – enjoy your week. Hugs to all of you ..Grandma Peg

  3. Julia Bradner says:

    Congratulations Mathis family! They are so beautiful. I tear up as I look through the pictures and imagine the season you all are in. What a glorious God to give such good gifts, and to give us the strength and ability to train them up. Enjoy each moment, even the delirious ones, which are the majority of where you guys are now. 🙂

    • Auntie Deb says:

      Absolutely love the bibs and burp cloths! The Bradners have incredible taste! So thankful for Grandma Peg and the many hours she has put in with the boys. I know Grandma Jane and Grandpa Rick are so excited to hold Cole & Carse TONIGHT!!! Love you guys!

  4. Heidi says:

    Your boys are SO beautiful! It is so fun to see you enjoying all your precious “firsts” with them! I am noticing a Coleman/blue, Carson/green theme…is this intentional?

    • mathises says:


      Good eye! Yes, a little bit of a Carson-green, Coleman-blue pattern is emerging. Their wear green and blue pairs for blankets, hats, and bids, and so far we’ve put the green with Carson and blue with Coleman. Also we have green and blue bottle tops that help us keep straight whose bottle is whose.

  5. Colleen Larson says:

    I just have to say, Megan you look great for having two babies a couple weeks ago. I love all the pictures and tidbits of info on the boys. Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop.
    Love Colleen and Elise

  6. Aunt Mare says:

    ahhhh so cute. love you c-boys!

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