First Outing Together

With Carson home before Coleman, we had experienced a few outings with him (but only to Abbot and back). But Friday was our first official outing together as a family of 4.

Early afternoon we loaded the twins into their car seats, snugged them into the double snap-n-go stroller, and walked over to Children’s Hospital for Coleman’s first pediatric appointment at the clinic there. Cole did a great job, and is looking good so far.

On the way home, we stopped in Steward Park, but the boys seemed too small to play on the equipment there. And it was hot. And the guys needed to feed. So we were back home pretty soon. But it was really nice getting out of the house for the first time since Tuesday.

Friday evening Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jane arrived from South Carolina. Grandma Jane is now all setup in the guest room and will be helping us burn the midnight oil for the infamous nighttime feedings.

We’re excited for the next 10 days with the Carolina grandparents, even though we are a little concerned about exposing the boys to the Southern accents for so many days this early in their development.

Guess who looks like a burrito...Coleman!

Here's the funny face Cole makes with some frequency

It's the double snap-n-go in action




Beautiful feet (but can't remember whose...)

Side by side in the bouncies (Carson left, Coleman right)

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8 Responses to First Outing Together

  1. Great Aunt Lynn says:

    What beautiful pictures! Tell the boys that they are displayed on our desktop screen at home and on mine at work. Anytime I need to smile, I just take a look at them. BTW – Do you need a special license to drive the stroller?

  2. John and Michele Biediger says:

    And what’s wrong with the southern accent? They should be so lucky to pick up such wonderful twanging! Love all the pics. Lots of kisses from all of us. Aunt Michele

  3. Molly says:

    Wow! Way to start them early, hittin’ the streets of the neighborhood!

  4. Thomas Biediger says:

    congratulations. hope to see you guys soon. love thomas

  5. tjarksfamily says:

    I love the “Brothers” picture. They are adorable!

  6. Jayman Biediger says:

    I got me some o them second cus’es
    I love <(") (penguins)!

  7. they can say bag all weird, but could they at least say Clemson with a p instead of a z?

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