Three Weeks Old Today

It’s breathtaking to think about all we’ve been through with the twins in the last three weeks. What a life-changing whirlwind.

And they weren’t even supposed to be born till today.

In May, Megan’s doctor scheduled today, July 22, for the C-Section to deliver the boys. Today marks 38 weeks, which is considered full term for twins. If the boys would have still been in Meg’s womb, they would have brought them out today.

But instead, with Meg’s blood pressure rising steadily in late June, the doc decided to bring the little guys out early on July 1. They were 35 weeks that day—which is 3 weeks premature for twins, and 5 weeks premature for a singleton. (Our original due date, when they thought it was only one baby, was August 5!)

We are profoundly thankful to God for how both Mom and babies are doing. Meg’s blood pressure is down, and her doctor is very encouraged by her progress. It appears that taking the babies at 35 weeks was the right move.

And the twins still seem to be doing very well. Both guys are putting on weight, and even slept the duration of two 4-hour segments last night. (Previously, we had been rousing them every three hours to feed.)

This is good news for tired parents!

Cole takes a nap before bed


More frog clothes for Grandma Peg (yes, she really likes frogs)

Cole left, Carson right

Coleman shows off the frog suit

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2 Responses to Three Weeks Old Today

  1. i’m so thankful they are here and are doing so well! and megan too!

  2. Aunt Mare says:

    all these pics are too cute. I cant choose which I like the most. They are my background for my laptop! Love my nephews!! Cant wait to see them in a week!!

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