Twin Cowboys?

According to the book Baby Name Wizard, we may be raising cowboys.

We know, very strange—and scary, if you’ve ever been to Dallas. (Please don’t think of Jake on ABC’s The Bachelor.)

The book says Carson “has it all: It’s a surname, a Celtic name, and a cowboy name . . .”

What?! A cowboy name? Really?

Celtic, yes, but not cowboy. Come on. (Apparently, it’s a reference to frontiersman Kit Carson.)

And the book says that Cole is “a politician’s dream—a name that pleases every constituency.” How so? “It has the bluntness of a cowboy name, the briskness of a preppy name, and the sophistication of a Cole Porter tune. A showstopper.”

Showstopper—good, maybe. But then there’s another reference to cowboys. Cowboys! Very strange.

Please don’t hold it against the guys. Or us. It was not intentional.

Whatever the case, here’s more pics . . .

Megan with both cowboys in the holster

Sharing the bassinet for a nap

Coleman left, Carson right




Carse left, Cole right

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4 Responses to Twin Cowboys?

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Well, I can’t wait to get these little cowboys their first pair of cowboy boots!!!

  2. Nick says:

    Your boys are amazing. So excited for you guys! Im so sorry we haven’t been over to see them. Leaving for Chicago today and I come back on Monday. We are definitely going to come over then (If you’ll let us).

  3. Grandma Jane says:

    What cute little cowpokes! The boys do have some Texas blood from the Biediger side of the family. The twins will be warmly welcomed by their Texas cousins! Maybe they can find some infant-sized ten-gallon hats.
    Please give Coleman and Carson lots of hugs and kisses from Grandma Jane.

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