Pics with Friends

We’ve been saving these up. Here are some of the friends the boys have had their picture with since being home…

Josh and Jen Jacobs

Crystal Bowers

Meg's cousin Adam

Anders Holst

Nathan Miller

Cole with Great Grandma Fern

Cousin Noelan

And for the first time, with another set of twins (who were literally born yesterday)…

Cadence and Whit Piper

Finally, one from today with just the two guys together…

Cole left, Carson right

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3 Responses to Pics with Friends

  1. ok. the picture with the Piper’s twins is too.much.cuteness!

  2. talithapiper says:

    love the pic with Cadence and Whit!! SO CUTE!

  3. Auntie Deb says:

    Next to the newborns, Carse and Cole don’t look so tiny anymore! Looks like they’re growing! So fun that they have twin friends!

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