Stillwater, Pam & Pete, and Preaching Weekend

Daddy is preaching again his weekend (last weekend as well), and so Friday was his day off. So we took the boys to Stillwater (about 45 minutes from Minneapolis). It’s a beautiful river town and made for a great place to walk the boys in the stroller.

On Saturday, Great Uncle Pete and Great Aunt Pam (Meg’s uncle and aunt) stopped by with lunch. It was their first time seeing the guys. It was so much fun to see them.

In other news, you’ll see from the pictures below that the boys appeared to have their first conscious experience of a mobile. Very exciting.

Also, yes, Carson is still wearing the apnea monitor. You may remember the story from a few weeks ago. The night just before Carson was going to be released from the Special Care Nursery, he had a brief apnea spell. The doctors said he could either stay in the nursery another week or come home with the apnea monitor.

We opted for the monitor. And we’ve been very thankful for it.

We thought it might be two weeks, but after two, they said keep it two more. We should be getting close to the end now.

Carson hasn’t had any further apnea episodes that we’re aware of. But it has been nice for peace of mind to have him on the monitor these weeks.

The guys and their Mom are doing so well. God has been so kind to us in these 5+ weeks. This coming Thursday marks 6!

Who says these guys look alike? It's it obvious that Cole's on the left and Carson's on the right?


Here's Carson's apnea monitor sensor around his little chest, if you were wondering what that looks like

Enjoying the mobile

Coleman, just lovin' it



Great Uncle Pete & Great Aunt Pam

Lazy afternoon in the bouncers at the Mathis house

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6 Responses to Stillwater, Pam & Pete, and Preaching Weekend

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Sending hugs and kisses! Great pictures – isn’t it fun to see how much the boys have changed in such a short time. Have a great Sunday!

  2. mathises says:

    It’s amazing they’re getting close to 7 pounds now! Yes, they are changing. We’re hoping to post some birth photos this Thursday, on the 6-week date, to compare with pictures now.

  3. Molly says:

    Meg, question for you. Call me to talk about how you go *out* and nurse the babies. I just can’t imagine a trip to Stillwater (although it sounds lovely right now).

  4. Auntie Deb says:

    Love the twins balloon in the background! Great to see it has made another appearance. Is that the same one from the baby shower? We’ll be there in less than 20 days! So excited!!! Hope the boys are ready to meet Auntie Deb & Uncle Jason! Love you all.

  5. Pam Eason says:

    Glad you are all able to get out and about. The boys look like they are doing great. Mike and I went to Stillwater when we were there. Of course the river was partly frozen then 🙂

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