Cole’s Ultrasound

Part of the reason for Meg’s C-Section was that Baby A (Cole) was breach (feet down).

And apparently it’s a typical thing to do an ultrasound on a breach baby’s hips and pelvis about 6 weeks after birth.

So Cole had his 6-week ultrasound on Friday, and the report was good. No problems that they could identify. And Cole did a really great job staying chill during the ultrasound and x-ray. We were amazed. We don’t think it could have gone any easier.

Here’s a few shots we captured over the last couple days, including some ultrasound pics…

Cole left, Carson right

Cole at the bottom, Carson top

An angelic Carson wearing his apnea monitor

Carson with our neighbor Eliana Bloom

Cole dressed nice for the ultrasound

At the ultrasound

Mom helps hold Cole during the ultrasoundCole close up

Carson waits patiently during the ultrasound

Carse & Cole in their firetruck onesies

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