4 Adults, 1 Room, 4 Babies (And 8 Weeks Old Today!)

We had a funny moment yesterday. We went to visit our friends, the Pipers, who had twins one month after us. We suddenly had the realization that there were 4 adults in the room with 4 babies. It was fun to sit and talk twins with Molly. Pictures of the twins below!

The past week has been eventful! The boys first vacation was great. Mom especially enjoyed the time by the lake (so therapeutic) and visiting with family during the reunion. It was great to see all of our generation having children and seeing them play together (also featured in a picture below).

We returned home on Sunday night. It has taken me 3 days to unpack—I had no idea how much stuff I would be taking for these two tiny people! Then, what a crazy week it’s been. We have had 4 trips to the doctor this week—but nothing serious. I have a minor case of mastitis, and we had to have Carson’s bilirubin levels checked along with an apnea monitor download. Everything is just fine, it seems. Thankfully Grandma Peg was able to come down and help through the craziness!

And the boys are 8 weeks old today!

The Mathis and Piper Twins! Whit, Carson, Cadence, and Coleman

Enjoying Cedar Lake

Daddy and Carson

Cousin Kelly holding Coleman—maybe next time we will have to visit her in Washington, D.C.

The cousin's children's children—it was so fun seeing them play together!

The boys with their first cousins (the birthday boys, Mason and Noelan, as well as Hannah)

Last, a cute close-up of the guys!

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4 Responses to 4 Adults, 1 Room, 4 Babies (And 8 Weeks Old Today!)

  1. kristina jameson says:

    the last pic is sooo funny! drunken laid back smirk and wide eyed look of anticipation of the next Mathis adventure…i wonder which is which? when can i see these dolls again???

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    Happy Eight Weeks to the whole family! You are all doing great. Sweet pics of the boys with the cousins. Auntie Deb and Uncle Jason will have lots of fun with you this weekend.

  3. Kelley Caskey says:

    Someone gave us those same outfits for our twins! I think they look like sailors. The boys are very cute. I hope you are doing well!

  4. Auntie Mare says:

    oh my goodness
    oh my goodness
    the last picture might be the cutest picture yet!

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