Weekend with Auntie Deb & Uncle Jason

Now all 5 aunties (Meg’s 2 sisters and David’s 3) have seen the twins.

This weekend Auntie Deb (David’s sister) and her husband Jason flew up from Louisville to visit us.

They arrived early Friday morning. We had breakfast from The Baker’s Wife (excellent bakery on 42nd Street—highly recommend the American tea cakes) and walked around Minnehaha Falls later in the day. Yesterday (Saturday) we strolled around the U of M, went to Saturday night church at Bethlehem, and grilled out burgers with the Eggimans from 2 streets over.

This morning (Sunday) we went to the old-fire-station Brueggers (our fave) on 46th and Nicollet (Auntie Deb loves Brueggers and they don’t have any nearby in Louisville), and this afternoon we’re headed to the MOA before dropping Deb and Jason off at the airport.

It’s a been a great weekend with the last of the 5 aunties to see their new twin nephews!

Carson left, Cole right

Auntie Deb and Uncle Jason with the boys



Auntie Deb with both guys

Minnehaha Falls in south Minneapolis

Mommy with her little gentlemen

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4 Responses to Weekend with Auntie Deb & Uncle Jason

  1. Auntie Anna says:

    Love seeing the pics! So glad Auntie Deb and Uncle Jason were able to meet the boys. Meg, you look beautiful in the pic with the boys. I really want to come back soon and see Carse and Cole. I miss them so much!! I love the Mathis fam of four.

  2. Auntie Mare says:

    YAY! I bet Jeb is so glad they finally got to see their new little nephews! I love the pictures and stories. I am now officially a junior in college. Now when I come to visit I’ll be a whole lot older…. birthday month approaches 🙂

  3. Neighbor Ashley says:

    I absolutely love love love the last picture with Megan & the boys – she is/you are radiant in the picture!

    • Auntie Deb says:

      I love that picture too, but I especially love the pic with Auntie Deb. Can’t believe the weekend has come and gone – it went by too fast! Already planning our next trip to MN. Miss the Mathis twins so much!

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