Perhaps long overdue, here’s our catalog of some of the nicknames that are emerging for the boys.

Okay, we have a lot of nicknames for these guys. Hope they don’t end up confused about what their real names are!

Cole’s up first, since he was born 2 minutes earlier. Maybe you can tell that we’re calling him Cole now more than the full Coleman. We still introduce him as Coleman, but it’s becoming more and more our reflex to call him Cole.

Next came Cole-train, and with it the choo-choo sound effects.

Then Colio. Like the rapper, but not. And with it this altered line from the song “Sumpin’ New,” which has been sung now in this gangsta’s paradise with much too much frequency for Mommy:

What up, ev’rybody, so glad you’re here
Colio put the flow back in your ear.

Cole is also called Scooter. Mom has really taken to calling him Coley.

He’s also (rarely) Cole-son (but not Colson, see), when we switch the last parts of the their names.

Now for Carson. First is Carse, his most frequent. While we’re tending to default toward the one syllable Cole for his brother, Carson is holding strong with the two-syllable original.

Carse can be added to for Carse-man, but we prefer to avoid Carman (please), because it’s so close to Carmen—typically a girl’s name, with a tragic 1980s contemporary Christian music exception.

Carson is also now lovingly called Milk Face, for obvious reasons (he’s the messy eater). Also Carse-seat, when Daddy’s strapping him for an automobile ride. Also Slugger.

Carson (unfortunately) was early on called the Little Ringwraith because his high pitched squeal could sound uncannily similar to those 9 scary hooded guys trying to chase down Frodo.

Now Mom is calling him Wrinkle Face, and for no known reason, Dad is calling him Bookey.

We’ve joked a few times with the name Dr. Carson, as well as The Don.

There’s a few nicknames the guys share. We like to put Mister in front of both names. And Daddy likes to call either guy Buddy, Busta, Mookie, Sport, Jiminy, and Champ.

So you can see—very confusing. But lots of fun.

Here’s a few photos we snapped in the last few days…

Daddy told a funny joke

The brothers who cry together...

L'il boys in da hood (alternate caption: the little hood-lums)

Twins win!



Mom is sew talented!

Who let that photographer in here? (Carson)

Cheer for the MN Twins today! (Cole)

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9 Responses to Nicknames

  1. Ashley says:

    I love them.

  2. Auntie Kim says:

    What a great way to start the day! Love seeing the smiles. Hope they continue sleeping that good for you!! See you in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to snuggle with them. Sending hugs and kisses to “The Boys”.

  3. talithapiper says:

    they are getting so big! they are so cute!!! I love their smiles!

  4. Grandma Jane says:

    Looking forward to seeing those sweet smiles Friday!

  5. Auntie Deb says:

    the crying picture makes me laugh…and cry! i hope to hold them soon! miss Coley and Carse-seat!

  6. Andie says:

    well, I for one was relieved that Mookie and Busta haven’t faded away 🙂

  7. Grandma Peg says:

    Oh my…… “out did” yourself on this one David. I think I will continue to call them Grandma’s sweet babies. That way I won’t have to worry about getting them mixed up ! xxoo

  8. Auntie Mare says:

    Lalalalala LOVE IT! So many cute pictures to choose from for my desktop. I love opening my laptop and seeing their cute little faces.

  9. mathises says:

    Well, wouldn’t you know it, soon as we finally did our nicknames post, we came up with another for one of the guys the day after. Another that we don’t know where it came from, but today we started calling Coleman “Doobie.” Like a Frank Sinatra song, “Doobie, doobie, doo,” I guess.

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