12 Week Old

The boys are 12 weeks old today. Wow.

In our multiples class back in March—seems like ages ago now—they told us that the first 12 weeks is the period when things are just nuts, then it begins to stabilize around that time and the “new normal” sets in.

That may be the case. This week’s been “more stable,” it seems, than last.

But whatever “stable” is, and whatever the “new normal” becomes, this much is clear: It won’t be the same as the old “just David & Megan.” The DINK life is long gone—and that’s a good thing.

Thanks so much to friends and family who have helped us through these first 12 weeks. (And please don’t give up helping us yet, if you would; it’s still crazy hard at times!)

And thanks most to Jesus, who has been so ridiculously kind to us, to bring to us such amazing and beautiful (yeah, you can say that about infant boys, we think) and healthy little boys. We feel mind-numbingly blessed.

We really like this one—and yes, the big Twins clinched their division!

A very special photo: The boys with Meg's former boss, Efe Agbamu, principal of Park High School in Cottage Grove

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One Response to 12 Week Old

  1. Grandma Jane says:

    Yes, the boys are beautiful. What a blessing! Happy 12 Weeks!

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