Weekend with Rick & Jane

Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jane flew to the Cities from Spartanburg, South Carolina, to see the little guys this weekend.

It was their third time with us since the births on July 1. (They’re really getting into this grandparent thing, it seems!)

The guys are really doing well. We’ve been getting them to sleep around 8pm, and for several nights now they’ve both slept until 6am. And tonight they’re sleeping in their own room for the first time (scary!).

This is really amazing for 12 weeks old.

It would be really amazing for a singleton. With twins, it’s even tougher to have them sleeping so long (without one of them waking up and stirring the other).

We feel very God-blessed. We’re being treated with much more kindness than we deserve.

We were able to grab some pictures this weekend, including what might be our best yet of Carson…

Maybe our best Carson pic

Grandpa Rick & Grandma Jane with Carson


Carson showing his best Grandpa Tom smile


Grandpa Rick with the boys

Grandma Jane with the guys

Cole offering Daddy some humus and crackers

Carson having tummy time

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2 Responses to Weekend with Rick & Jane

  1. Grandma Jane says:

    Thank you for a wonderful weekend with your precious family. You are doing so well
    with the boys. Thanks for the gracious hospitality and lots of fun. Hope Coleman and Carson enjoyed sleeping in their charming room.

  2. Auntie Mare says:

    Can I come up to visit my Fall Break? Oct 15-18?

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