“There’s a Duck on Your Tractor”

We kept telling Cole today about the waterfowl on the John Deere on his shirt.

And we had a little photo shoot in the yard today.

Really eventful Wednesday.

Actually, we hosted a going-away party tonight for Meg’s college roommate Jess Thrasher, who is moving to Boston. (Cue Augustana song.)

And another thing (okay, so it was an eventful Wednesday): The boys weighed in today at the lactation consultant. Cole is now 10 lbs. even (double digits in pounds!), and Carson is up to 9 lbs., 2 oz.

Cole made it to 10 pounds first, but Carson is hot on his trail. He’s gained a few ounces on him in the last couple weeks after having been over a full pound behind.

Here’s some new shots of the guys…

Cole's duck and tractor shirt


The boys

Cole (left), with a funny face, and Carse (right)

Cole says leaf me alone

O Canada (not really)

A leaf for each

Yucky leaf

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4 Responses to “There’s a Duck on Your Tractor”

  1. Andrea Tjarks says:

    I can finally tell them apart and which is which! (I’m really bad at recognizing people in general anyway. Add to that only seeing blog pics…)

    I can figure it out because Cole looks so much like David!

  2. Mason Paul says:

    Hi Carson and Coleman! You are getting SO big! Miss you! Give my Auntie Megan a BIG kiss! Cant wait to play with you! xoxoxo spidey Mase

  3. Auntie Kim says:

    Happy 3 months old to you sweet baby boys!!! Counting the days until I get to see those smiles!!

  4. Auntie Mare says:

    Is that red hair coming in yet???

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