By a Stroller Length






Great Grandma Fern


We love the Fall!

Smiley Carson

It was a busy but beautiful weekend in Aitkin with Meg’s family.

The highlight was participating in the Aitkin Fit City 5K on Saturday morning.

Our niece, 3-year-old Hannah, started the morning with the 1/3 mile kid run. She did awesome! When she came across the finish line, placing 6th in a field of 15 kids up to age 12, an impressed stranger asked, “How old is she?!” We all very proudly answered, almost in unison, “Three!” (We’re all now thinking Olympics.)

Then David and Dan ran the 5K, while Meg, Kim, and Peg (and the kids, in 2 double strollers) walked the competitive walk. (Note the word competitive; more on that below.)

The funny part was that we all placed in our respective age divisions. Really funny. Especially if you have any kind of history with the Lundbergs—who, suffice it to say, aren’t thought of as runners!

Okay, so the participation was a bit low in our categories—but this unathletic Lundberg family was pretty proud of itself!

Dan placed 1st in the age 30-39 division of the 5K run, and David was 3rd in the same division (now 30 years old almost 1 month)—and their friend Mark took 2nd—all within a few strides of each other.

But maybe most memorable was the photo finish with the ladies. Kim (with Hannah and Noelan) beat Meg (with Carson and Cole) by a stroller length. (Note to self: Always put your race number on the front of the stroller, which Kim had done, rather than on the pusher!)




Saturday night we babysat Noelan because Dan and Kim had a gala to attend. Seriously, a gala. That’s what they called it. That’s gotta be hard to live up to. But sounds like they had fun.

Sunday we had lunch with Great Grandma and enjoyed playing in the leaves, before hitting the road in time to get back for the Sunday Night Service at Bethlehem.

The weekend weather was amazing! So amazing that the Twins tragic sweep at the hands of the Yankees doesn’t hurt quite as bad. (Although we still can’t figure out why they traded for Randy Moss but didn’t play him at all last week…)

Here are some more pics from the weekend…


Carson and Coleman



Coleman and Daddy


Cousin Mason and Coleman


Hannah finishing her 1/3 mile run!



The 5K Walkers



The boys with the Aitkin royalty



Our medal ceremony: David (3rd in 30-39 run), Megan (2nd in 20-29 walk), The Aitkin Royalty, Grandma Peg in back, Kim (1st in 20-29 walk), Dan (1st in 30-39 run), Judy, Dan's mom (1st in 60-69 walk)



Cutey Coley


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3 Responses to By a Stroller Length

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    What a great weekend!!! Thanks for coming to visit.

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    Congratulations to the Lundberg fam on the impressive finishes! What a fun way to get the boys started on the road to fitness!

  3. Auntie Mare says:

    I love my family! The boys are so cute! I can’t wait to see all of yall! I love yall and I am praying for yall!!

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