4 Months Old Today

July 1, 2010 seems like forever ago, and like only yesterday.

What a wonderful, amazing, full, life-changing, hard, precious 4 months it’s been since the boys were born.

Thank you so much, family and friends, for how much you’ve helped us through the tough times—and helped us enjoy the twins.

To celebrate the 4-month anniversary, we’ll start from with some pics from that first week in July and finish with some shots from just yesterday (Halloween / Reformation Day)….

Cole on July 1

Carson on July 1

Carson on July 2

Cole on July 2

Carson on July 6

Cole on July 6

Carson on July 6

Cole on July 6

Oct 31 - Carson in green, Cole in blue

This might be our first pic with both guys smiling


First costumes

Carson the Puppy

Coleman the Lion

Happy October 31!!!

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12 Responses to 4 Months Old Today

  1. Ashley says:

    I love them I love them! I should really come up with something else to say on your blog one day, but that tends to be my overhelming thought when I decide to write a comment! 🙂 also, not only are they both smiling in that picture, they’re practically holding hands! So wonderful! I love them!

  2. Becky says:

    Wow! I didn’t realize how much they’ve changed! You have 2 adorable boys on your hands. 🙂

  3. Andie says:

    i looooovvvvveeee the last picture. Please bring them in their costumes to play group Tues.

  4. Grandma Jane says:

    What a double Treat! Happy Four Months to all 4 of you! You are awesome.
    Lots and lots of love.

  5. Grandma Peg says:

    Once again, I am going to say “GOD IS GOOD ” !!!! I am a smiling Grandma right now after looking at those pictures and thinking about the “ride” we have been on since July 1st. Sooooo thankful to be part of it. xxooo

  6. Grandma Peg says:

    oh, I forgot to mention it did bring a few tears to my eyes with the smile !!!!!

  7. Dick Mulhern says:

    What precious gifts God has given you [and Grandma]. Thanks for sharing the pictures.

  8. Auntie Mare says:

    so cute. the one of them both smiling! they most have been thinking about their auntie mare. 🙂

  9. Julie Morrow says:

    Couldn’t wait to get to the website today to see what you posted about C & C ‘s first Halloween!! They are so adorable! What a blessing to all of us!

  10. jenna says:

    Happy Four Months, Carson and Coleman!

  11. Auntie Deb says:

    Are you guys doing cloth diapers now? How’s it going? Please do a blog post on it!

  12. Jen Owen Schaefer says:

    YEAH! They are super super super wonderful. I can’t say enough about how precious your babies are. Megan, I heard you are having so much fun! I’m so glad and I know you two are excellent parents. I know it has to be a challenge some days (I’ve talked to my friend Heather Nelson this week who has 3 month old girl twins!) but I know God will often show you double the blessing. Congratulations again!

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