First Trip to the E.R.

Waiting patiently....Cole was much more patient than his mommy during the 4-hour visit.

Apparently we were among many parents that needed to call the clinic after the holiday weekend.

Our boys have been struggling with congestion and gunky eyes for the past few days. (Actually, it’s been on and off for a month—we’ve already had them in twice).

So today when I called, there were no appointments until Friday, urgent care doesn’t take babies under 6 M, and our boys needed to be seen within 24 hours because of their symptoms.

So the clinic nurse sent us off to the E.R.

I didn’t think I was ready for this experience. But I will say I am glad I got my feet wet with a non-emergency situation. And I am glad that the E.R. is only 3 blocks from our house!

So, after chest x-rays and an RSV test, it was confirmed (not without much waiting) that the boys have bad colds, and Cole has an ear and eye infection.

Carson (the baby I actually called about and was concerned about because his congestion is keeping him from sleeping) is just fine—he just needs to sleep inclined for a few nights. Please pray for this congestion and infections to subside soon.

Here are some cute pics from the experience…

Our first hospital gowns

Carson kind of enjoyed having a "rope" on his toe to play with

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6 Responses to First Trip to the E.R.

  1. Ashley (Psuedo Auntie) says:

    I’m so thankful it wasn’t anything worse! I love the hospital gown picture where they’re holding hands 🙂

  2. Auntie Deb says:

    Oh my! I think you guys need to come stay in KY with Uncle Jason and Auntie Deb to stay out of the cold for the winter. Praying for these two guys. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love you so very much. See you in a few weeks!

  3. Julie Morrow says:

    No, Auntie Deb is wrong about the cold winter. You all need to come to Charleston…guaranteed warmth!! Hope the boys will both feel better really soon! love you all! Aunt Julie

    • Auntie Deb says:

      Actually, that’s a good point Aunt Julie. Maybe Jason & I will head to Charleston to stay with you as well! Miss you!

  4. grandma Peg says:

    I just bet those two were the cutest patients that Er saw all day !! Glad there is nothing serious. and you are right a practice run for a non emergency situation is good ! Love to all, Grandma Peg

  5. Paul Torrez says:

    Thanks for the little story about your ER experience. My wife is an ER physician and almost every story we read or hear from friends/people is negative. You are definitely ‘good patients’! And im forwarding this little story to her I think it will encourage her that not all patients have a bad experience at the ER!!

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