Thanksgiving Recap

What happens in Aitkin stays in Aitkin.

Well, not really. We do like to blog about it…

It was a very special Thanksgiving as we brought along some friends with twins from the Cities—Abe & Molly Piper, with sons Orison and Morrow, and baby twins Cadence and Whit.

Cadence and Whit were born about a month after our guys, but they were born closer to full term, so the four twins are at amazingly comparable sizes (as you can see in the pics below).

It was almost like a weekend with quads—except, fortunately, we had two sets of parents, and several eager family members, to help with the care.

Thanksgiving Day

We spent the whole of Thanksgiving Day at Grandma Peg’s house—and, man, can she cook. Mashed potatoes. Stuffing. Homemade bread. And (with Grandpa Tom’s help) a huge turkey slow-cooked in the Big Green Egg.

Also Mama Meg made some green-bean casserole, Auntie Kim did pies, next-door neighbor Gloria made salad and bars, and Great Auntie Lynn made sweet potatoes and cranberries. Was it a feast!

Also there was a tad bit of TV watching here and there. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was on the morning. Then the NFL triple-header: Detroit and New England early afternoon, Dallas and New Orleans late afternoon, and Cincinnati and New York (Jets) in the evening (but we missed the Cincy-New York game to watch some “Punkin Chunkin”—a pumpkin-throwing machine-building contest that Uncle Dan had heard about).

An important detail of the weekend was what a fine playmate Cousin Hannah found in Orison Piper. The two seemed to have a lot of fun over the two days—and they’re featured in a few pics below.

Black Friday

While others hit the stores early, we slept in and cared for twins. And didn’t regret any of it.

Eventually, we rode into town for photos with Santa, and then the “world famous” Aitkin Fish House Parade—the parade “spawned from a keen sense of humor sharpened by dry Scandinavian wit and hardened by long Minnesota winters” (according to

After the parade, Megan and Molly went shopping in town with Grandma Peg, while David and Abraham watched after the twins (and Orison and Morrow) back at the ranch.

Then on Saturday early afternoon, after the arduous task of packing for four adults and six kids, we headed back to the Cities after a very full few days, and with bellies still full.

Thanks so much to all our Aitkin friends and family that helped make it such a wonderful Thanksgiving for us. We are thankful to God for you. And for the Pipers, who so graciously put up with our crazy “North of the Cities” life.

Carse & Cole with cousins Hannah, Noelan, and Mason (left to right)

The twins with 3 generations of Ince women: Mommy, Grandma Peg, and Great Grandma Fern

Tummy time for Carson

Carson (left) & Cole (right)

Hannah and Orison made us some turkey treats




The turkey!

The spread

The four twins

Morrow, who loved playing in Grandma Peg's kitchen

Look, Ma, twin twins!

Carse's & Cole's first pic with Santa

Mom shows off the boys' "my first Fish House Parade" onesies

Both sets of twins with Santa and wife

Aber & Molly with Cadence and Whit—and their Aitkin santa hats!

Hannah, Orison, Morrow, and Molly ready to watch the Fish House Parade

Carson in his hoodie

Meg's cousin Danielle with both the guys


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4 Responses to Thanksgiving Recap

  1. Pat says:

    Sorry we missed all of the fun, we did have some of our own here in the south. Love all of the pictures as the boys grow. We will see them in the summer. 🙂
    Love to all Great Aunt Pat.

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    So thankful to the Lord for all of you! Special thanks to Grandma Peg and Grandpa Tom for their amazing hospitality. What a joy to get a taste of the fun by way of the pics! Lots of love.

  3. Auntie Mare says:

    I LOVE the twin shot where both sets of twins are altogether and Carse and Cole are smiling and Whit is making a very funny face. SO cute.

  4. Pam says:

    I thought I had participated in the full MN expierence but now I know that until I get to see a fish house parade, I’m missing something 🙂 The boys are so cute Megan – glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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