New Year’s in the South

Like the smart birds, we flew South last Thursday to escape the Minnesota winter. But alas, only for a few days. We’re back now.

After spending Christmas with Megan’s family, we went to South Carolina for New Year’s with David’s family. And the whole family (Grandpa Rick & Grandma Jane, David & Megan, Carson & Cole, David’s three sisters and sister Deb’s husband Jason—all 10 of us) was together Thursday night and all day Friday (before Auntie Mare headed out to the big Passion conference in Atlanta). Deb and Jason had to head back to Louisville on Monday, Anna back to work on Tuesday, and we flew out Wednesday.

On Monday, David drove down to Atlanta as Pastor John spoke Monday night at the Passion conference and Tuesday morning to group of leaders. David drove back from Atlanta on Tuesday afternoon, and we had one more good family meal and evening together (unfortunately, without Deb and Jason) before we flew back yesterday.

It was so good to see the Mathis grandparents and aunties and friends—and Great Grandpa Gene. Thanks to the Mathises for taking such good care of us for those five full days! (And to Grandma Jane for picking us up and taking us back to the airport in Charlotte, over an hour away!)

Here’s some pics we captured along the way…

Cole with Auntie Mare (David's 3rd sister)

Carson with Auntie Deb (David's 1st sis)

Both guys with Auntie Deb and Uncle Jason (Deb's husband)

The boys with Auntie Anna (David's 2nd sis)


Cole with Krish (long-time Mathis next-door neighbor)

Carson with Sara Margaret West


Carson near the Christmas tree lights (Cole resting after the flight down!)

Watching the bowl games (okay, not really)




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7 Responses to New Year’s in the South

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    By the looks of the smiles on everyone (boys, aunts, and uncles) it is a good thing you had two babies at a time!!! Great pictures.

  2. Ashley (Psuedo Auntie) says:

    I’m SO glad you’ve returned home safe & sound & can’t wait to see all of you so soon!

  3. Molly says:

    So cute! I’m glad you got so much family time, but now it’s very good to have you back!!!

    • Auntie Deb says:

      Thankful our nephews have sweet friends in MN who love on them since their Southern family lives so far away. We miss them dearly!! Thanks for loving them!

  4. Auntie Deb says:

    The last pic of Cole is such a Pop face! Looks just like his Grandpa Rick.

  5. talithapiper says:

    aw the boys are so cute! In the picture of Cole and Krish, Cole’s smile just about melts my heart!

  6. Auntie Mare says:

    those are some good looking babies!!!

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