First Solid Food

We promised the boys that we’d finally give them some solid food (kinda solid—rice cereal) after we returned from Christmas. Here’s some pics from that fulfillment….

One of Cole's first bites

Carson thoroughly enjoying it

Cole with more on his face than in his mouth

Carson left, Cole right

Cole after cleanup

Carson is one satisfied customer

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4 Responses to First Solid Food

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Now the fun begins!! Can’t wait to see the pictures with peas in their hair or on Dad’s glasses when they spit it back at you. Looking forward to seeing you all this week.

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    Bon appetit!

  3. Ashley (Psuedo Auntie) says:

    It was so wonderful to see them again once you returned – they are continuing to grow grow grow! I love it – I love them!

  4. elohimito says:

    Cute haha. My daughters first was avocado. She loved it!

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