6 Month Check-Up

Coleman is getting sleepy waiting for his dinner!

We’re just off our 6-month check-up with the boys. They are doing great and created quite the scene at the pediatrician office with their loud noises and new tricks.

Here are the new stats…

Coleman weighed 16 lbs, 13 oz (27th percentile) and was 25.4 inches (9th percentile). He sat up for his doctor the longest he ever has and barely cried when he got his shots.

Carson weighed 17 lbs, 4 oz (35h percentile) and was 27.7 inches (15th percentile). Carson showed off his crunches and gave the staff plenty of smiles.

We cannot believe how much Carson and Coleman have grown since 4 months!

We have so many great pictures from the past few weeks because these little guys have become so much fun. They are moving, talking, and interacting with each other. Here are some of the great ones below.

And thank you everybody for the birthday wishes yesterday. It was a wonderful day. It started with a little snuggle time with the guys. Then a dear friend took me to coffee, David took me out to lunch, and then I hung out with my guys for the afternoon. A friend babysat in the evening so David and I could go out to eat at my favorite place—The Good Earth.

My family went to Red Lobster on Sunday to celebrate (picture below). My niece is VERY into birthdays, and she informed everyone that it was her auntie’s birthday. It was the first time I have gotten sung to as “auntie,” and it was very sweet!  Of course, we also had to have a little piece of cake—a birthday isn’t a birthday without it to her. She was a bit confused why it was still my birthday yesterday (3 days later) when I skyped with her last night!

waiting for shots

Carson loving his avacado!

The boys having dinner with their best friend Lily before church last Sunday.

Tummy time!

Love these guys!

Birthday dessert for "auntie"! Hannah also exclaimed that there for 4 twins there that day because she has twins and I have twins (she got the American girl twins for her birthday last year—guess their names :)!

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  1. Auntie Kim says:

    Can’t get enough of those smiles!!!

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