Daddy feels unusually graced today.

This morning, just before 8am, while driving from the church to the Desiring God offices, David lost control of his rear-wheel-drive Toyota 4Runner on a patch of black ice at the end of the 8th Street/Highway 55 overpass (over I-94 and 35-W).

The vehicle slid sideways and then redirected into a packed snow bank on the right side of the road, rolled over when it hit the bank, and landed (amazingly) right side up about 15 feet off the road, not far from a pole and immediately next to a large electrical box.

He’s stunned—and overwhelmingly thankful to God—that he walked away with only a tiny pinpoint cut on his right middle finger from the broken sun-roof glass.

Once oriented he called 911 and Megan. Neighbors Jon Bloom and Johnathon and Crystal Bowers sprang to our help. Jon met David at the scene, helped unload belongings from the vehicle, and provided a warm car to sit in while we waited on the tow truck. (Today is the coldest day of the year thus far in the metro, and it was about 10 degrees below zero this morning.) The Bowers came and watched Carson and Cole while Meg came to pick David up.

Apparently we weren’t the only ones with black ice problems this morning in the Twin Cities. At noon, WCCO ran a story called simply “It’s Cold”—and you know it’s wicked cold when Minnesotan admit to that—that included this paragraph:

The emergency room doctors at Health East Systems said they haven’t seen any cases of frostbite so far on Friday, but they have seen people come in after getting in car accidents caused by black ice.

We are so inexpressibly thankful to God for such an undeserved kindness. Without the seat belt it seems like it would have been really nasty (it’s crazy how they can hold you in place during a rollover like that). And David fortunately didn’t slide off the overpass before he had cleared the interstates below. And he just missed the pole by a few feet and the electrical box by a few inches.

We are freshly amazed over the gift of life on this eve of Sanctity of Human Life Weekend—and awed to have unbroken bones, unpunchured skin, and eyes, hands, fingers, and legs that work without pain or obstruction.

The LORD lives, and blessed be my rock,
and exalted be the God of my salvation (Psalm 18:46)

Here are the cellphone pics we captured before the wrecker recovered and towed away the 4Runner…

Here's how the 4Runner came to rest (facing almost the opposite way he was going)

A bit closer up—the damage is pretty minimal for a rollover, since the rolling was on snow, rather than asphalt

Closer up

From the side

Here you can see how close the vehicle landed to the electrical box

Here's where the vehicle was on its roof and left behind glass from the sun roof

The main damage seems to be the right front quarter, and you can see the front windshield is shattered—we may not hear till early next week whether the insurance considers it "totaled" or not

In the background you can just see the pole that David missed by only a few feet

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13 Responses to Graced

  1. EJ says:

    -1 for black ice
    +1 for SUVs
    +1 for great friends
    +1,000,000,000 for grace

  2. Justin Taylor says:

    Praise God for his protection!!

  3. thebowblog says:

    I’ve been overwhelmed today with thankfulness that you’re okay David. A good reminder to me that our lives are fragile. Now I just need to remember too that God’s sovereignty is sweet even if you wouldn’t have made it home safely today.

    While we were feeding your boys I was almost to tears thinking about the possibility that they wouldn’t have grown old enough to remember their Daddy.

  4. Grandma Peg says:

    I too, have been in thankful prayer today that you escaped this accident with just a scratch. I will admit I threw a Hail Mary in this morning at mass ! ( That is where I was when I got the news !) My knees were shaking together through the whole thing. xxoo

  5. tjarksfamily says:

    Wow! I’m so glad you’re okay!!! Praising God with you for his mercy and protection for your family!

  6. Auntie Kim says:

    Well, I certainly didn’t think I was going to start my day watching the MNDOT traffic cameras on my computer. We felt at ease watching the camera as Megan came to pick you up and then the tow truck removed the truck from the snow. So very glad that you are okay!! Can’t believe how lucky you were this morning. Now, please have a quiet uneventful weekend at home!!!

  7. Bette says:

    We are so thankful that you are okay. What a frightening experience! I feel certain that Grandma Hazel and Granddaddy Charles were watching out for you. We offer up prayers of thanksgiving that you were not seriously injured.

  8. Scott says:

    I thank God you’re ok!

  9. Auntie Deb says:

    So thankful for God’s amazing protection. We are praising God for his goodness. Love you!

  10. Aunt Michele says:

    At mass tonight Fr. Newman was pleading with us to never cooperate with abortion. We must fight regardless of friends or family. Along with the many other things I was thinking about as he spoke, I thought of the two of you and the blessing of Carson and Cole. We didn’t find out about your accident until just now. God is good. So very grateful that you are safe.

  11. Auntie Mare says:

    I am so thankful for the grace that God had in this situation and how safe you are and with only a scratch! I love yall very much and am praying for yall!

  12. Pam Eason says:

    Praise God. We’re glad you’re okay David. That had to be really scary.

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