Happy 60th, Grandpa Rick!

Today is the big number 60 for Grandpa Rick (David’s father).

We did post another 60th birthday video recently—it’s no deja vu. Grandma Jane turned 60 last month.

Here’s a link to YouTube to see the birthday video (we’ve posted a few of our favorite Grandpa Rick photos below)…

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3 Responses to Happy 60th, Grandpa Rick!

  1. John Piper says:

    Add my joyful birthday blessings to the rest.

    You have served the church well, and loved your family well, and more ways than you know, loved me well.

    John Piper

  2. Julie Morrow says:

    Thanks for sharing the 60th videos…what wonderful memories for me!

    Glad you all are well. Good luck with the vehicle search!
    Love you all,
    Aunt Julie

  3. Auntie Deb says:

    Happy birthday to a father whose life brings so much glory to our Savior! I’m so thankful for your life, Pop! Thank you for your sacrifices, your love and support, and most of all, for treasuring Christ above all! I love you!

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