We’re Still Here

We haven’t posted anything for while, and now have received a few very kind encouragements to update you—and post more pictures.

Between car shopping (David’s vehicle is totaled), terrible diaper rash, the Desiring God Conference for Pastors, and now a run of the stomach flu, time has been limited. But things have been well.

We have two wobbly sitters. And they are now increasingly interested in each other. Carson likes to roll on top of Cole. And Cole likes to use his good dexterity to pull on Carson’s ear, take his toys, and poke his eyes. The battle has begun!

Also both boys now are able to get their own pacifier in their mouth. They both love to eat and are getting pretty good at solids. It is a mess, but a wonderful part of our day.

They are still sleeping well at night and have really started to love to play with toys and each other.

Enjoy some recent pics below. We’ve also updated our YouTube page where you can find sitting videos, sibling-rivalry videos, and a few other happenings around here.

And while we weren’t blogging, the boys still found a little screen time on the Krueger and Eggimann blogs!

Cole sitting

Carson sits too!


Carson's usual reaction to the spoon

Satisfied guys!

We've started to pick on each other now!

Cousin SuperMason came to stay!


Cole watches the neighbors' dog out the window. He is as thrilled about dogs as his Daddy.

Carson is very, very tough.

Cole giving a thumbs up about his first experience at Cracker Barrel
Cole sits!
Carson laughs!
Carson sits and sneezes and smiles….then falls!
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3 Responses to We’re Still Here

  1. Ashley (Psuedo Auntie) says:

    I hope everyone’s keeping their food down now – I love the Mathis family!

  2. Auntie Deb says:

    This is one of the best blog posts ever. You’ve made this auntie very happy! Miss my nephews very much!

  3. Linda Wallington says:

    These are great pictures and David, Carson could not look more like you if he tried. They are both precious! We pray for you guys regularly and love you greatly.

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