Grandma Jane Helping This Week

Grandma Jane and Grandpa Rick (David’s parents) flew up from Spartanburg, SC, on Friday.

Grandpa Rick had to head home on Sunday (just as the snow arrived) to practice dentistry (you’d think after all these years, he’d have practiced enough already to do it for real…).

But Grandma Jane is staying till this coming Friday to help with the boys.

In the last 24 hours or so, over 13 inches of snow have fallen in Minneapolis (some parts of the metro have almost 20 inches), and David spent a good piece of Monday on the shoveling.

Here’s a few shots we caught before Grandpa Rick flew out on Sunday and Monday evening when there were some brief pauses in the action…

Cole enjoying his Enfamil infant-meal

Carson satisfied after going bottoms on a Dr. Brown's

Grandma Jane reads the boys a bedtime story

Daddy's praying his boys continue to like books this much



With Grandpa Rick

Grandma Jane swinging a double feeding

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4 Responses to Grandma Jane Helping This Week

  1. Auntie Deb says:

    Incredibly young looking grandparents! Hope the boys have a fun week with Grandma Jane!

  2. grandma peg says:

    Good job Grandma Jane. You are a super hero to keep all three of those Mathis boys under control ! Hugs to all of you.

  3. Molly says:

    Look at her! She’s truly risen to the challenge of twin grandbabies!

  4. Auntie Mare says:

    Haha get it Mommy… feedings at the same time!

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