Vanilla Extract

The boys are at a great stage right now. They are playing, trying to move, and eating more.

Today, we had a first around here. I (Megan) accomplished something fun while they were occupied.

They were eating bananas out of these.

They love it! I think there was even some snorting going on during the process. Here is a video:

So, what did I accomplish while sitting next to them hands free? Well, I sliced vanilla beans to make vanilla extract. Here are the directions I used. In 6 months, I will have delicious homemade vanilla extract. And who knows what the boys will be eating by then…



Playing ball

Flying baby? Carson REALLY wants to crawl.

Cole is content staying in one place holding his toes....for now.

The boys with their friend Lily.

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2 Responses to Vanilla Extract

  1. Pam Eason says:

    8-12 months is my favorite baby age – they give such good hugs at that age. The boys are so cute. And good for you on the vanilla beans. Wish I could see them again in person.

    🙂 pam

  2. Auntie Mare says:

    Wait…. didn”t Auntie Mare come to visit? Where are the pictures to prove you 🙂

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