Let’s Hear It for the Boys

The boys now have passed the 9-month mark. They have lived more ex utero than they did en utero.

We feel increasingly blessed by their presence in our fam as their personalities continue to develop. And with each guy juxtaposed with his twin, we are watching them develop very distinctly. We can’t believe that two guys who shared a womb are so amazingly (and wonderfully) different.

We’re now 10 days passed their 9-month appointment, which happened on March 24, but we haven’t reported the stats yet. Carson weighed in at 20 pounds, 11 ounces—twenty-leven, as Daddy likes to say—and Cole was 18 lbs, 15 oz. Ten days later we’re expecting that Carson is now over 22 pounds and perhaps a full two pounds heavier than his brother.

These stats put Carson in almost the 70th percentile in weight, and that’s without “adjusting” his stats because he was born premature at 35 weeks. Cole’s only 30+ percentile on weight, but apparently he excels at head size (to each his own!) where he’s over the 60th percentile.

Last week we had Auntie Anna here with us from South Carolina, which was a ton o’ fun.

Here’s a few recent pics we snapped…

Carson reclining on Cole

Daddy with his Twins jersey, and his armful of twins, ready for Opening Day

Ready for a trip to the Mall (of America), Carson left and Cole right

Carse & Cole with Auntie Anna

In the Twins outfits, ready for Opening Day

Carson trying on a hat at Baby Gap

Carson's very strange little-man pose—either he's voguing for a picture or acting like a statue of Kirby Puckett sliding into home

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3 Responses to Let’s Hear It for the Boys

  1. Molly says:

    I want a video of Carse crawling! And the last picture of him has got to be some variation of a yoga pose.

  2. Great pictures, especially the one with them in their coats. It was good to see you guys yesterday!

  3. Talitha says:

    LOVE the last pic of Carson! haha what a cutie! it was fun riding in the car with him from the airport 😉

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