Food, Glorious Food

Call ’em the buffet boys.

At just a little past the nine-month mark, it seems that the twins are happily consuming quite a variety of foods. So I (Megan) devoted my day on Monday to making a batch of baby food for them.

And it became quite the task—that’s usually how things go for me.

I try to start small, and it soon turns into a massive endeavor.

I have done a combination of prepared and homemade baby food since the beginning. I have no problems with the prepared food, but I decided to do one huge cooking day for a few reasons:

  1. I love to cook. And I love cooking for people I love!
  2. I am at home and have time to do it.
  3. I have been able to get a lot of great organic products from Azure Standard, making it a very affordable option.

I ended up with 68 jars of food, 3.5 muffin pans, and 2 ice cube trays! Sounds like enough to make it to Kindergarten doesn’t it? But by my calculations, it should be gone in about a month!

I got most of my ideas from the book The Best Homemade Baby Food on the Planet: Know What Goes Into Every Bite with More Than 200 of the Most Deliciously Nutritious Homemade Baby Food … More Than 60 Purees Your Baby Will Love"".

I steamed blueberries, pears, apples, spinach, broccoli, potatoes, sweet potatoes, green beans, peas, cauliflower, zucchini, and carrots. Then, I cooked chicken. I used the above to make different combinations in my food processor. Here are some of meals I made (names come from cookbook):

  • Kiss the Cook Pear and Potato Puree
  • Yummy Apple Pear Puree
  • Zoom Zoom Zucchini
  • Wee-licious Potato
  • Garden Puree
  • Pureed Carrots with Pretty Pears
  • Any Way You Please Potato and Peas
  • Orange You Cute Sweet Potato and Carrots
  • My First Cheese, Please! (Blueberries and Cottage Cheese)
  • Mighty Tasty Blueberry and Pear Mash
  • Good Golly Green Beans with Carrot and Apple
  • Chicken with Sweet Potatoes
  • Chicken  in the Grass (Spinach)

Using my Apple Corer to Peel Pears

Happy Taste Tester

Not sure about this one!

Crisis #1

Crisis #2

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3 Responses to Food, Glorious Food

  1. Auntie Mare says:

    awwww I wish I would have been there to help cook! That would be so fun. Coleman’s hair is growing so much more… looks like Carson is still bare. Love those boys. I miss them and their singing toys keep ringing in my head. LOVE YALL!

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    What an amazing cooking adventure! The meals sound yummy. Coleman and Carson are so blessed to have you as their mommy.

  3. Pam Eason says:

    I can’t believe how big they are getting. 9 months is my favorite baby age – so cuddly. Can’t wait to see them in person 🙂

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