Easter Pics

It was a very happy Easter—our first with Carson & Cole.

Also Auntie Deb was here with us from Louisville this weekend.

Here’s a few of the boys in their first Easter outfits (thanks to Grandpa Rick and Grandma Jane who bought these for the guys when they were here in February!)…

The whole fam

In the bright, shiny Easter sun



With Auntie Deb



The fam again

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4 Responses to Easter Pics

  1. Ashley (Psuedo Auntie) says:

    Wonderful pictures! Is that powderhorn park??

  2. Auntie Kim says:

    Great pictures!! I keep looking at the one of Cole standing with that smile, he looks like Grandpa Tom. I have never thought that before.

  3. Auntie Mare says:

    they just dont stop growing. happy easter mathis fam!

  4. Grandma Jane says:

    I’m still enjoying these great Easter pics! Can’t wait to see the boys crawling and scooting. So thankful that Carson’s ears are well. Looking forward to getting one of his kisses. Lots and lots of love to all.

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