Come Friends, Enjoy My Children

One of the sweetest part of becoming parents has been sharing our children with others. Watching others enjoy them, smile at them, tickle them, and gladly hand them back when they are screaming their heads off touches our hearts deeply.

We have wonderful families. Our children have amazing great grandparents, grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins. And it is amazingly sweet to watch those relationships grow.

But there is a certain sweetness that happens when friends from old and new meet our children and enjoy them. Over the months, Carson and Cole have met our friends from high school, college, church, work, small group, and everywhere in between. What an incredible blessing to watch these people love on our kids.

Two weekends ago, one of these sweet blessings happen around here. Two of my (Meg’s) dearest friends from college were able to visit for a weekend. It did not dissapoint on feeling truly blessed by their holding, feeding, laughing with, tickling, and playing with Carson and Cole. Jen and Tera, thank you for your visit. We loved it and miss you. And, Tera, Cole says sorry for his little mishap from his diaper to your finger.

Tera, Jen, Meg, and the boys

Jen and Tera, I am so thankful for you. I love hearing about how great you are doing in your jobs and all the great things you are accomplishing. I love you and cannot wait for our next meeting! Our lives look slightly different at the moment (okay, maybe dramatically different), but it is still sweet to laugh together, eat great food, and enjoy Minneapolis together.

To all of our friends, you have shown us a new blessing and give us a unique joy by enjoying our children. Thank you for loving Carson and Coleman so well.

Okay, friends, here are some new pics for you to enjoy!…

Don't you know the Bible says not to wrestle your neighbor!

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One Response to Come Friends, Enjoy My Children

  1. jenna says:

    oh, they make my heart melt!!!! i love your little boys so much!

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