The Ride Down

We made it to Orlando.

Perhaps needless to say, driving 26 hours with twin 11-month-olds proved memorable.

We left Thursday night at 7pm for the first leg—12 hours to Louisville. We thought if mommy and daddy could just keep themselves awake to drive, then voyaging overnight while the twins slept would be the best way to transport the typically squirmy guys such a long distance by automobile.

And God was really kind to us. It went extremely well. Better than we could have imagined.

We arrived in Louisville about 7am on Friday morning and spent the day Friday with David’s sister Deb and her husband Jason. We took a long morning nap and another in the afternoon to get ready for leg two on Friday night.

In between naps, we had barbecue lunch at Mark’s Feed Store and walked around the Southern Seminary campus.

Then by about 7pm Friday night, we were on the road again (HT: Willie Nelson) with a solid 14 hours ahead of us.

By far, the most memorable moment of the night, and perhaps the whole trip, happened about 12:45am. We pulled into a McDonald’s in Dalton, Georgia. It was Meg’s turn to drive, and she was hoping for a chocolate shake to help keep her awake. When she tried to order at the drive-thru, the lady on the other side of the speaker replied that the shake machine wasn’t working properly.

But for some strange reason, she just couldn’t leave it at that.

She went on to add not only that it was “nasty,” but also that (in her humble opinion, of course) the supposed milkshake basically looked “just like diarrhea.” We’d never heard that over a drive-thru intercom before. And here’s hoping that’s the last. Let’s just say it could kill your appetite.

If it wouldn’t have been 12:45am, then maybe we’d have responded with something sharp like, “Well, if that’s the case, we’ll take two.” But alas, all we could do was laugh. She had convinced us not to order a shake at that McDonald’s!

We arrived here in Orlando a little after 9am Saturday morning.

Also, in the category of amazing providences, our neighbor and very good friend Andie Eggiman is here in Orlando with her preemie and newly adopted son Eli, who was due in late July but arrived early at 34.5 weeks last Tuesday. Please pray with us for Andie and her husband Andrew, who’s watching their other kids back in Minnie, and for little Eli to grow and improve quickly and be able to go home. Updates on Eli are at Andie’s blog.

The big news today (Sunday) was the boys’ first time swimming. They were a ton of fun at the pool. (See below for Auntie Deb’s narration of our time in Louisville.)

Carson (left) and Cole (right) look out the back screendoor at the packed van. The boys were ready to headout Thursday night

All packed into the van, ready to roll, Cole in the back-back, Carson in the middle

Cole & Carson got to try their first Chick-fil-A (chicken minis) at Friday morning breakfast in Louisville

Carson tries to get a taste of his first Chick-fil-A sweet tea, but unfortunately he can't operate a straw yet!

At lunch, Carson got his first shot at cornbread—what's not to like!

Coleman making a funny, trying-new-foods face

Carson with Auntie Deb

The boys wrestle their Uncle Jason

Coley with Daddy at a 6:30am breakfast stop in Gainesville, Florida

Carson exploring the pool in this silly inflatable turtle

Coley testing the water

Floating in the pool together (Carson left, Cole right)

The whole fam in the pool together (thanks, Random Lady for taking the photo)


Special Report from Auntie Deb…

(We asked David’s sister Deb if she would write up a few thoughts from her side on our stop in Louisville. Here they are. Thanks, Deb!)

I’ve never jumped out at bed at 6:00am so quickly in my life!

My brother David texted “we’re an hour away from Louisville,” and this was all the motivation I needed to get up, shower, and finish getting our apartment cleaned for my brother, Megan, and Carse and Cole!

They pulled into our parking lot at 7am. Megan and David were tired; Carson and Coleman were wide awake! Thankfully, the twins slept well through the drive.

Uncle Jason and Auntie Deb had an incredible day spending time with the boys, and letting the twins’ parents nap so they’d be ready to drive that night.

Coleman and Carson got to try some new fun foods in Louisville—including Chick-fil-A for breakfast and cornbread from a local BBQ restaurant for lunch! They loved it, and we loved watching those guys eat.

Between naps, we took the boys on a walk around town, they played with their auntie, wrestled with their uncle, and we gave them a tour of the seminary where their Uncle Jason takes classes and their Auntie Deb works. The boys even got to play in the fountain at the seminary pool!

It was a fantastic day that their uncle and auntie will always remember. We look forward to seeing the boys when they come back through Louisville on their way home to Minneapolis!

The boys with Auntie Deb and Uncle Jason, outside the McCall building where Deb works at Southern Seminary



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2 Responses to The Ride Down

  1. Jens says:

    Thanks for the update! Really thankful that things are going well. God is good and forgiving (HT: FighterVerse). Will keep prayin’.

  2. Jen says:

    I really enjoyed reading about the ride down :). Blessings to you in Florida!

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