Florida Mishaps

What makes a vacation memorable? Often it’s the things that go wrong. But hopefully you can smile about them later.

We’ve had a few mishaps along the way thus far on our adventure to there and back again:

1. One shoe didn’t survive the journey down. We’re not sure how, but somehow between the 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. stops, one of Meg’s favorite flip-flops jumped ship. We’re just glad it wasn’t a baby. But that Nike sandal will be dearly missed.

2. The Mile High Nachos are missing. About a week before the trip, Meg was lamenting how she didn’t want to go to Florida in June, one of the few nice months in Minnesota. David snapped her out of it by reminding her of “Mile High Nachos”—our special dish we discovered on first summer seminary trip down in 2008. Since we’ve been back to the same restaurant for them several times. Remembering the best nachos she had ever had—and she loves nachos!—Meg re-agreed to the trip.

Then, we get here and cannot wait to go devour the large plate of Mile High Nachos. Our friend Erin flew in last Monday night, and we talked about these nachos all day Tuesday with her. But when we got to the restaurant on Tuesday night, we found out—to our horror—that they have a new menu that does not include Mile High Nachos.

David thought he could solve the problem with some winsome pleading for the chef to make them up special for us—only to be informed by the waiter that they no longer carry the tortilla chips needed to make the dish! No way, no chance, no how. No nachos.

Cole trying to threaten the waiter with his muscles to find us some nachos

It was devestating. With a smile. But still devastating in a blog-about-it-later kind of way. And we’ll really missed those nachos. Seriously. We’re kidding. But seriously.

Okay, so we had planned our entire evening outing around these nachos. We are self-proclaimed connoisseurs. These were the best we ever had. And now it appears they are never to be again.

3. Dishwashing Soap vs. Dishwasher Detergent. We do not have a dishwasher at our house in Minneapolis. Or at least not a full-sized fixed dishwasher. (We have a little counter-top one to wash baby bottles.) So, the mistake could easily be made, a husband would claim, to put the wrong detergent in. Erin and Meg were quite surprised when they returned from an ice cream run to find this.

Erin says, "It's really sweet that he tried to help." I agree! And it made for a great late night of laughter and mopping.

4. Sick Baby & Saturday Urgent Care Visit. We were surprised on Saturday to have a baby with a very pink eye. We took a trip to Urgent Care and found out Carson has pink eye and a double ear infection. Poor little guy, already starting to get sick on a family trip!

There hasn’t been a great picture of his little sick face, but here is a picture of the boys with Erin after mini golfing in 100-degree weather. You can tell his eye is watering. And the rest of all of our bodies were watering as well. Coley’s hair was crazy…

5. Moments of Chaos. I will save you a picture on this one. Because of the above stated conditions, Carson has special diaper cream. When we returned last night, it was later than planned because it takes longer to get just about anywhere in Orlando than you are thinking it will.

We were trying to get the very tired boys dressed and fed and into bed as quickly as possible. David undressed Carson and was looking for his diaper cream. Realizing it must still be in the car, he announced, “I’m risking it,” and left a diaperless child on the (vinyl) kitchen floor while he went to get the cream.

Let’s just say Carson made the most of the situation. He swiftly left a deposit on the floor, immediately lifted up, and sat right back down in it. And before we could bound in to make the rescue, brother Cole was johnny-on-the -pot and already had his hands into the action. It became a moment of disgusting hilarity! It takes two adults working at full capacity to handle twins in a time like this.

No picture for this one, but here is a family picture from this week…

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1 Response to Florida Mishaps

  1. Auntie Deb says:

    I’m so confused how David put the wrong soap in the dishwasher…after all those years of helping Mom in the kitchen…Haha. Thanks for keeping us updated on the trip. Meg, I’m so bummed about your sandals! I know they were your favorite. Love y’all!!!

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