Baby Eli

I feel as though my mind is swimming with to-dos as we approach the boys’ first birthday.

There are parties to plan, a return trip with a stop in South Carolina on the horizon, and just a general feeling of wanting to stop and reflect a bit on this whirlwind of an adventure we have been on. I am hoping we will be bringing you more on all of the above in the coming days.

Florida has been good. Very warm. And surprisingly crazy with lots of visiting with friends, a crazy class schedule for David, and a unique opportunity to be helpful and close as a friend welcomed their fourth baby into their family.

God’s timing is perfect, and He plans details perfectly. It’s not surprising that He would time that some of our closest friends in Minnesota (both by location and emotion) would be adopting a baby boy from Orlando this summer. The Eggimanns’ baby was due in July. He was born over 5 weeks early, in Orlando, two days before we came down here. Andie, mommy Eggimann, was here alone, while daddy Andrew held down the fort and the other 3 kids at home in Minneapolis.

We were able to visit with Andie and meet Eli in the hospital. It was surreal to think that almost exactly one year ago we welcomed two babies into the world that weighed similar amounts, battles similar set-backs, and had similiar hospital stays. I just kept holding Eli and thinking, “There is no way the boys were this small one year ago.”

After 2 weeks in the NICU, Eli got to come home. I got to pick up Andie and Eli last Tuesday at the hospital. They stayed the night with us, and I got to drop her off at the airport Wednesday to send her back to the hospital. A sweet, sweet, sweet thing!

The whole story of the discharge day is crazy, but it is their story to tell, so I’ll let it be told on their timing. I will tell you that I thought dishcharge with our guys, 4 blocks from home, was crazy. It was nothing to this 5-hour, 26-hour-away-from-home process that they went through! The boys and I were waiting (im)patiently in the van until we saw them exit the building.

I am so thankful that God does these things. He wants us to live in community with others. And he gives us friends to help us in times of need. Being here for/with Andie and Baby Eli was an incredible blessing.

Meeting baby Eli

Mama Andie

The boys thought he was pretty cool.

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One Response to Baby Eli

  1. Grandma Jane says:

    Welcome, Eli! So thankful for your precious life and new family. May the Lord bless and keep you in His loving care. Looking forward to meeting you during our visit to the Twin Cities.

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