Birthday Letter to Carson

Dear Carson,

Happy 1st birthday! We are so thankful to God for you. It’s hard for us now to imagine our lives before you and your brother arrived. You are quite a remarkable little boy.

A year ago you were born at 5 pounds, 1 ounce. It has been so much fun watching you grow over the past year (you exceeded all growth chart expectations) and also learning more about who God has made you to be. Right now, these are some of the things we see in you and some of the tricks you are up to!…

You have always been a very energetic baby. Sometimes we’ve called you “Fire” (and your brother “Ice”). You like to stay on the move—it’s amazing how much energy you seem to have, any time of the day, even moving around when you’re sleeping.

You are not much of a napper, sometimes taking two very short cat naps in a day. At night, you go hard until you finally crash. Then you sleep great for 11-12 hours and wake up in the morning with a fresh smile and store of energy to entertain us with. You wanted to be swaddled until about 7 months, and even after that needed to be swaddled sometimes if you were really restless.

You get so wonderfully happy (and have one of the most amazing smiles in the world) and you get so manifestly frustrated (and wrinkle your brow and cry with one of the most ear-piercing squeals in the world). Your cry is a unique one—very loud and very high pitched!—you’ve had it since you were born and it’s unlike anything most people have ever heard before. Sometimes you’re mad one second and delighted the next, or vice versa. You’re a very high-octane little boy.

You’re also our little emergency/technology boy. Not only did you have an apnea monitor for your first two months at home, but you’ve also been into the Emergency Room twice and Urgent Care twice and had to be on a nebulizer early this Spring.

You enjoy being around people you are comfortable with, especially very attached to mom. You don’t like when strangers come up and are talking loudly to you—you’ve had 3 major meltdowns from that lately. One of the most recent was at Fuddruckers on your birthday when you burst into tears after the waitress sang Happy Birthday to you.

You have quite the appetite. It’s hard to feed you enough puffs or cheerios to hold you off to the next meal once your mind is set on eating. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t messy. You love diving into bottles and aren’t afraid of getting a milk all over your face.

We love your giggles and that you like to yell. One of the most wonderful things is how you wake up so happy, jumping in your crib and laughing at every glance. Your bald head and round cheeks make you a memorable little guy, even when you’re not doing your little model pose on your side with your hand on your hip.

Our favorite little trick of yours has been your kisses. A few months ago, you started puckering up and giving kisses—mostly to us, while we were feeding you, but also to people in the grocery store, and especially to your pediatrician at your last appointment! You melted her, as it does to us every time. You have now moved on to giving wide open-mouth kisses to us at random times throughout the day.

You have started to dance along with your brother. You wave, play peek-a-boo with your blanket, and climb stairs (all too well!). You are everywhere and into everything! You have incredible strength, it seems, for a year-old.

You are a precious little boy. You seem to love your mom, dad, brother, family, and friends. You are a wonderful baby that has the biggest smile.  Our first year has been such a blessing, and we look forward to many more.


Mom and Dad

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2 Responses to Birthday Letter to Carson

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    P.S. You melt your Auntie’s heart!!!

  2. kristina jameson says:

    Thanks for sharing the sweet sentiments and photos with everyone! You both have done a rock star job (thus far) 😉 Cant wait to see the boys again!

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