Birthday Letter to Cole

Dear Coleman,

Happy 1st birthday! We are so thankful to God for you. It’s hard for us now to imagine our lives before you and your brother arrived. You are a sweet, sweet little boy.

A year ago you were born at 4 pounds, 10 ounces. It has been so much fun watching you grow over the past year and also learning more about who God has made you to be. Right now, these are some of the things we see in you and some of the tricks you are up to!…

You have always been a very chill baby. Sometimes we’ve called you “Ice” (and your brother “Fire”). You like to snuggle—especially when you’re just waking up or ready to go to sleep. In the beginning, you loved to be in bed with us. Now you’re happy to snuggle with your blue blankie on our shoulder for a moment before we put you down.

You are emotional. You get very sad when you are left in a room by yourself or if somebody else around you cries. You seem to sympathize already. And you get huge tears.

You also laugh hysterically if somebody is laughing with you. You laugh at your brother several times throughout the day.

You love books too. You sit and look through books and have now started to babble along as you turn the pages.

You have started to dance a lot (when you hear music or on command, when we simply say the word, “Dance!”), you know where your hair is, and you shake your head no-no and do “so-big.”

You wave, play peek-a-boo, and climb stairs (all too well!). You are everywhere and into everything, it seems.

You love fruit and like to feed yourself. During our recent Orlando trip, you discovered a love for milkshakes and ice cream. You have amazing dexterity, and we have seen this from early on. You can grab something very small and love to touch our faces.

You sleep really well. We put you down between 7:00 and 8:00pm, and you sleep until around 7:00 the next morning. Right now you take two good naps a day. Since about 5 months, you have been so good at going down at night, and you wake up so sweetly in the morning. You rarely cry when we put you down at this point.

You are a sweet boy. You seem to love your mom, dad, brother, family, and friends that you are familiar with. You are a wonderful baby that grins with almost every attempt at eye contact with a smile. Our first year has been such a blessing, and we look forward to many more.


Mom and Dad

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One Response to Birthday Letter to Cole

  1. Auntie Kim says:

    P.S. You melt your Auntie’s heart!

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