Birthday Party Update – Part 1

Since we have been home from our June trip South (we returned July 5), it has been quite busy. So begins a series of “catching up” posts to remember several memorable celebrations and events throughout the past few weeks.

On the way home from Orlando, we stopped in Spartanburg (July 1–4) to celebrate the boys first birthday. On their actual birthday (July 1), we had lunch at Fuddruckers. Here’s what happened when the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to the boys. Take special note of Carson’s reaction at the end to the Fudd’s worker—then Cole’s reaction to Carson!

And here are some pictures of the birthday boys enjoying their ice cream, after we calmed them down…

More to come on the many birthday celebrations, a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Mathis, and tons of playing with loads of new toys!

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One Response to Birthday Party Update – Part 1

  1. talithapiper says:

    oh they are too too cute!!! loved the video! 🙂
    If you need a babysitter this fall, seriously give me a call! i would love to come play with Cole and Carson! 🙂

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