Birthday Party Update – Part 2

These updates are slow in coming—but at least they’re still coming…

As you may remember from the last episode, we had a birthday party for the guys in South Carolina with family and friends. The boys had their first taste of cake, played with lots of new toys, and saw several faces they don’t get to see very often.

Here are a few photos of the event!…

Twins cake designed by Daddy ("Twins ONE" is a first-birthday play on words of "Twins Win")

Loving their balloons

So excied about cake....with lots of icing—per normal, Carson cannot contain himself

Cole a bit more skeptical

One of the most memorable gifts: the Lightning McQueen "activity racer." It's a gift that keeps giving—hours of fun on these in the last month!

Our Minnesota friends the Poteats were visiting SC at the same time. Maddux loved the party!

Sharing with their cousin (technically, they're third cousins)

Some of David's good friends from Spartanburg (left to right, Matthew, Krish, and Patrick)

The latest Mathis family photo

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