Happy 85th to Great-Grandma Fern!

Today is Fern Ince’s 85th birthday! Fern is Megan’s grandma and the twins’ great-grandma.

This past weekend some fifty Inces and in-laws gathered in the North Woods near Backus, Minnesota, to celebrate their beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother.

Here’s some pictures from the weekend…

Fern with her children, left to right, Mike, Priscilla, Pam, Pat, Paulette, and Peg (Megan's mother)

Here's the whole fam: Fern with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren—and in-laws!

And, since this is the Mathis blog, here’s a couple of Carson and Cole having their first watermelon:



Also, there was some surprise entertainment from a Ray Stevens impersonator (if he could even be called that). If you’ve never seen one of Ray Steven’s songs performed, below are his music videos for two of his best, “The Streak” and “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival”…

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