One-Year Pictures—Finally!

After several of our own attempts, we asked Andie to help us get just one good picture of the boys together for their one-year pictures. You already got to see a super cute suitcase photo.

Of course, the day was quite the adventure. We wanted to get an early start. We had the perfect park to go to. Well, we left late—which was no surprise since she got her four kids out the door and we had our two. We got to the perfect place, we thought. It was completely bulldozed. We were laughing hysterically trying to decide if we should use CAT machines as our backdrop when we decided to go to Stone Arch Bridge for pictures. This is a special place since our engagement and wedding photos were taken there.

One of our 2007 "engagement photos" on the Stone Arch Bridge (Minneapolis in the background)

We got the kids out of the van, and it started to rain. David hopped in her van and drove her kids around (including a trip to Starbucks for us), so they would not get wet and did not have the planned playground equipment that was at the above stated park. Are you following this? Six kids, bulldozed park, raining, no coffee yet…

But the results do not indicate the circumstances.

A few imperfect, but great pictures.  I love how these show the personality of the boys…

And my personal favorite… I love this picture…

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2 Responses to One-Year Pictures—Finally!

  1. Ashley says:

    I love it, I love it! I love the boys! Thank you for sharing! Maybe I’ll bring my mom by for a short visit while she’s here!

  2. Grandma Jane says:

    The boys and the pics are precious beyond words. See you in September! Love and kisses.

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