14 Months Old Today

Apparently we’re supposed to keep counting each month until we get to two-years-old…

Today marks 14!



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2 Responses to 14 Months Old Today

  1. Sarah Lorence Johnson says:

    Cute! I was just wondering today about the counting in months thing, Thanks for answering my question! And how long do you count in weeks?

  2. mathises says:

    Thanks, Sarah! I’m not sure, but my guess would be somewhere between 12 and 20 weeks for counting—just going on our own experience with our twins. From time to time, we would hear people mention 12 weeks (the first 12 weeks with twins are supposed to be unparalleled chaos, some say), and I think at that point we tended to count each week. I think about week 15 or so is when we lost track and just started going with months. Maybe parents of singletons keep counting longer…

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