Friday on a Stick

It was the boys’ first “great Minnesota get-together.”

Grandpa Tom & Grandma Peg came down from Aitkin, and we took the twins to the State Fair. Which always makes for a day to remember.

It’s hard to explain the Minnesota State Fair to someone who hasn’t been. Better to experience it for yourself.

It’s the second largest state fair in the country (second only to Texas—and really, does Texas count as a state?). It’s 12 full days of craziness that culminates on Labor Day. Major concerts each evening, various shows during the day, metro radio and television stations broadcasting live on site, who’s who of politicians, big carnival rides, shopping, technological displays, and just about everything you can imagine (and a lot of things you wouldn’t) deep fried and/or on a stick.

We didn’t get many pictures. Our fingers were too sticky to handle the camera much. But the ones we snapped were significant.

First, there was this steel cow (Megan’s favorite animal)…

Then, the twins posed with…the Twins!…

But the boys were not very generous (with their smiles) when asked to pose with Ellen…

But the real superstar of the day was Carson. We captured this photo of him trying on Mommy’s sunglasses…

Daddy tweeted a link to this pic and got a kind reply from Rick Warren, pastor of Saddleback Church in Southern California. Below is Rick’s comment and Daddy’s tweet it was in response to…

They start recruiting ’em young at Saddleback!

Now we have about 364 days to cleanse our systems and get our stomachs ready for next year. And at least two decades to get Carson ready for pastoring as Saddleback.

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2 Responses to Friday on a Stick

  1. Grandma Jane says:

    Enjoyed the Fair pics. What fun! Does Saddleback have any plans for a Carolina campus?

  2. Molly says:

    The problem with the Ellen thing was this: they needed the audio from all the Ellen they listened to in the womb to make the connection. If they would’ve heard her voice they would’ve been like, “Oh it’s *that* lady! We *love* that lady!”

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