Weekend on the Northside of Richmond

We flew in early, early this morning (did we mention early?) from Richmond, Virginia. (We woke up 3:15 central time, got the boys up and to the airport by 4:00, and were back at MSP at 8:00am.)

We spent the weekend on the northside of Richmond with Matt & Kellie Lorish—Matt mentored David a couple years through Campus Outreach while at Furman University—and good college friends Eric, Jason, Mike, and Nat (and wives Eden, Lindsey, and Carrie).

Like old times the guys played some 3-on-3 basketball together—but 8 years later it was quite the sight for sore eyes. We watched the Clemson game together early Saturday afternoon, and then briefly toured the city of Richmond Saturday evening on our way to dinner in an area called Carytown.

Matt & Kellie are planting a church in Richmond (Northside Church of Richmond), and so we were able to be there yesterday for only their 4th public service. It was very exciting.

Here’s some snaps from the weekend…

Here's the whole crew—Furman guys, wives, and kids


Cole with his new friend Sarah (same age as cousin Hannah, no surprise)

Carson with his new friend Nat

Ye ole Furman crew

Here's everyone again (not sure what happened with the glare spot)

Copeland Meisenheimer in this Clemson attire (the Tigers are now 8-0 and #5 in the BCS rankings!)


Carson, trying to figure out who're all these new people daddy acts like he knows






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2 Responses to Weekend on the Northside of Richmond

  1. Auntie Deb says:

    Sweet Carson! That face is hilarious. Glad y’all got to spend some time with old friends!

  2. Jen says:

    I’m loving those boys in plaid; always do :).

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